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From study partners, to partners in law, to partners in and out of love... What we seek is connection... What we get is just plain fun! Come to Galaxy this November and join in!

Directed by Nancy Alvarez

Assistant director: Andrew Brown


Maelee Fernandez as Darlene O'Brien

Matthew Walsh as Alan O'Brian

John Poole as Sam Holder

Kimberly Brumirski as Maeve O'Shaughnessy

Jennifer Burnson as Caitlin Fitzpatrick

"A cute premise, clever dialogue, and a collection of nutty characters make John Enright’s O’Brien & O’Brian a fast-paced, warm, and funny play." - NY Theater Now

"It's easy to find charm in a script that can move lightly from odd lovers to sapphic liaisons to EPA lawsuits involving beavers." -The Chicago Reader